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Why Product Photography

Local Organic Rose Cosmetics Lifestyle Product Photography
5 March 2019

It’s often said that an image is worth a thousand words; for your business product images can be worth thousands of purchases, social media engagements, and loyal customers. Etsy found in a poll that 90% of people were influenced to make a purchase based on the quality of the product image- 7% more than were influenced by the product’s price! Product photography isn’t just for the online world- good quality images of your products in print advertisements such as magazines, brochures or fliers are also important.

Obviously, there’s no question that product photography is a vital aspect of any business strategy- but are you wondering how? What is it about a well-produced image that converts visitors into a loyal customer base? Product photography is one of our personal favourites to work on, so we’ve highlighted four of the main reasons every business should invest in professional product photography.

Creates a Good First Impression

It’s well-understood that images catch the attention of audiences much more quickly than written content. While great copy informs and connects with customers and great products create loyal customers, it all starts with engaging product images. A good first impression will catch the viewer’s eye and cause them to develop a desire to know more about a product, and how they can get their hands on it. 

Develops Trust

Looks count, especially in e-commerce. Customers are far more likely to select the product that looks the best online. If a business has invested into professional product photography, then customers will trust that business has a product which was worth the investment. Professionalism is a key factor in gaining customers’ trust, and with the less-personal online world, good quality product images develop that trust. The best kind of product photography not only presents an attractive product, but then delivers on it when the product is received and the customers’ expectations are met.

Is a Form of Communication

Your product images communicate to your customers so much more than the physical attributes of your products; they also communicate the values and ideals behind your brand. A well thought out lifestyle shot will include props or environments which communicate your values such as whether you value environmental sustainability, other local businesses or even what kind of style your product would suit. As mentioned above, good quality, professional images also communicate to your customer your level of professionalism. Finally, product images are a form of education. The more high quality an image is, the better the customer can learn about the product and its specific details, allowing them to learn about your product visually without physically interacting with it.

Adds Value

Especially when online shopping, lifestyle images of your products add value to your brand by showcasing to customers how they can be used. Seeing your products in use also creates value as customers can see how and where your products can be used, as well as alternative uses it may have. Zooming in on a high resolution image gives shoppers the feeling of seeing the image up close, being able to see the small details of your allows them to have an almost life-like shopping experience. Customers are able to experience your product (and brand!) through your online presence, cultivating a sense of satisfaction before they’ve even made a purchase!

Good quality, professional product photography makes you and your product stand out from your competitors. It engages potential customers, and has a higher conversion rate than poor quality images, or good copy on its own. Showcasing the quality of your work and communicating it to your audience is one of our passions, so we have developed our Product Photography package. We know every business is unique, so you can also contact us to develop a package that best suits your brand.

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