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The Types of Videos Your Business Should Have

Brisbane videography
26 June 2019

We have previously written about the visual content your brand should be posting here. Personally we believe that videography is one of the most important kinds of visual content EVERY business must create and post- even government agencies are engaging video to communicate important information, announcements and alerts to citizens. Video has increasingly become one of the more popular ways of consumer-brand engagement and communication.

Part of effective brand communication is story-telling: showing your customers your brand, your products or services, and your team. Within a minute, a good video can relate the story you would like to tell your audience. For small businesses, video is an excellent way to create engagement with your audience efficiently, where you may otherwise have limited marketing or communication resources. Increasingly, customers engage more with videos, especially on their mobile phones, as it is easier for many to watch a video than it is to read an article or update. Videos are also an effective way to showcase to your audience what you or your products do with minimal effort on their part. 

On a side note, we have noticed many marketers suggesting that the quality of a video is not as important as the content itself. While we know most of us are happy enough to put up with a poor quality video to gather information (or simply pass time), poor quality videos can also risk seeming unprofessional, or could discourage some viewers from watching the video from start to finish. Good quality, professional videos are worth the investment to produce greater engagement, understanding and trustworthiness with your brand.

So what are the different kinds of videos your business should create and where should you post them? 

Introduction Videos

Introduction videos are a way great to cultivate a relationship between your business and your client. Whether you are a B2B or a B2C, the more the client feels they know and can trust you, the more likely they will choose to do business with you. Introduction videos should include imagery of the owners of the business and their team, so clients know exactly who they will be dealing with. These are best suited for your business website, but can also be included on Facebook or Instagram TV.

Product Videos

Product videos are a fantastic way to showcase your product or services, either introducing your business to a new audience or showing them how your products or services work. A product video can even be used a media-based ‘services menu’, where you can quickly show each service on offer, instead of having a written list. This is helpful when customers may be uncertain as to what to expect when engaging your services for the first time. These can be posted on your website, Facebook page and Instagram feed.

Instructional Videos

Instructional videos are different to product videos as they go further in depth in regards to what your products in particular can do. This is beneficial when a product has more than one feature or purpose, teaching customers about the many benefits and attributes of your product. These are best featured on your website, and throughout your social media platforms.

Instructional videos can also be used for in-house uses, such as employee inductions or Workplace Health and Safety updates. 

Lifestyle Videos

Videos which showcase your business or product can be as creative as you want. The point is not to show a specific feature or instruction, but rather to show how your product or service fits into the life of your client. It can be upbeat and entertaining, or relaxing and inspiring. Through imagery of both your product and different lifestyle elements it contributes to, the viewer is inspired to include your product to their life. These can be used as a banner on your website or Facebook page, or throughout your social media platforms.


‘GIF’ stands for ‘graphic interchange format’ and are very short, repetitive video snippets. While these can be used for instructional purposes, gifs are mostly used for entertainment value, creating lighthearted engagement with your audience. These are most commonly used on Facebook and Instagram.

Video must be a top-priority for all businesses to invest in. As consumer engagement moves more and more to the online world- from advertisements to online shopping to help desk issues- businesses must ensure their online presence reflects their real-world activities. Videos are an effective way to do this.

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