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Is it Time for a New Logo?

Self-care for small business owner
16 February 2021

Logos are a vital aspect of a business. A logo is often the first representation people with have of a brand, whether it’s through a google search, a physical item such a store front or a business card.

The development process of a business logo takes significant consideration, as a brand considers their mission, vision, core values, and the industry they are in, so it’s not often that a brand will change or update its logo after such a thorough process. However some brands will change their logo to reflect changes in their business structure or offerings. Others will rebrand to a more modern look, or simply out of preference. 

It can feel quite risky to consider change your logo or branding, especially after building up a positive repoire with customers or clients with a certain logo. However the fear of losing customers due to changing an iconic logo shouldn’t stop you from allowing your growth or development as a brand be reflected in your logo, especially if you have established yourselves as leaders in your area of expertise. Some well-known brands have changed or updated their logo not once or twice but several times over the years- such as technology giants Apple and Google, social media platforms such as facebook and Instagram, and food chains like Starbucks, Pepsi, and Dominos. Even the iconic Nike tick has seen an evolution over the years, from an outline with the word Nike to the simple black tick we can all recognise today.

Don’t feel like you need to rebrand for a specific reason, such as those discussed above, or at specific times of your business’ lifecycle. If you simply decide you want a completely new look, you can update your logo- it’s a fun creative process and you may find you can better engage in your industry and with your audience. You may not necessarily need a full rebrand- perhaps you just need to update your font or colours, or the positioning of your brand name or images. You may consider adjusting your logo for different products or contexts- the logo used on a business card or a poster may be slightly different to the brand on your product.

Ultimately, it’s up to you as the business owner to decide when and if it’s time for you to update or redesign your logo. You know your business and your customers best, so feel confident to make the changes you believe your business and customers need.

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