Content Creation for Social Media

How to Make the Most of Business Slow Season

Content Creation for Social Media
17 March 2020

Running a small business is one of the most rewarding jobs you can have, but it can also come with some big challenges. This year our country has experienced major crises that have contributed to slower than usual business. Social-distancing has been encouraged to slow the spread of the virus which has impacted small businesses dramatically with people staying at home more.

Quiet periods can be discouraging, especially when they are extensive, however they are also a great time to finally get around to the creative tasks you may have been putting off for a while. Just because work stops, it doesn’t mean you should. Here is a list of things that will help your business and which will also improve your marketing and Google score:

Blog Post Creation Brisbane

Write Blog posts

Blogs are a great asset for not only engaging with your current audience, but also to boost your visibility online. The more good quality content- including key SEO words- on your website ensures that you’re more likely to show up in search engine searches. 

Many people avoid writing blog posts because they feel they can’t write well enough, however this should never be a deterrent to creating blogs! Especially considering the expertise you already have in your field, writing it down, even in dot points, is still a great start. You can then keep working on your post to develop it into a full blog, or you can have a copywriter or proofreader go over it and help you. 

Content Creation for Social Media

Create Social Media Content

When business is busy, some tasks can become overwhelming or dropped. Developing a social media schedule can help you create a rhythm with your online communication with your audience. Planning out what kind of content to post on certain days and times for best engagement does take a little bit of time and research, but is a great plan to make to increase your online engagement. We have a great post with the 7 best types of visual content you can create – this is a great place to start if you need ideas – read the blog post HERE.

Scheduling social media posts ahead of time can help relieve the pressure when things become busy again, so you have an arsenal of posts ready to go when there’s less time to plan posts. There are different scheduling apps available which allow you to upload images and write captions for them, and most now have the capability to post automatically. 

Update and improve your website

Update Your Website 

Updating your website can often take a lot of time, from checking the copy on your site to updating products, prices and photos, and it’s often near the top of our To Do List, without ever being at the very top. Take some time out to do a basic audit of your website:

  • Check all links work
  • Check all product/service descriptions, prices and photos match 
  • Ensure all your photos have acceptable ALT tags
  • Proofread website for typos or old information
  • Update anything which may be old or incorrect, and add in any new products or content- like your new blog posts! 

Learn how to use new software

There are some incredibly helpful software available for business owners to assist them with their business functions. However so many business owners we know (including ourselves) often put off learning how to use beneficial software because of the extra time it takes to do so. So take some time out and start learning and using new apps and software.

Start a Mailing List

Emailing marketing is a very powerful tool to implement in your business’s marketing strategy. Collate exisiting customer and client emails into a list – ensure you have their permission to contact them for marketing purposes. This is a great way to remind customers you exist, have specials, or release new products. Keep a back up spreadsheet of your list and continually update it.

What Content to Create During Business Slow Season

Improve your Knowledge in your Field

Sometime we can be so busy that we don’t have time to learn new things in our field and with the rapid advancement of technology we can sometimes fall behind in our industry. With the extra time during slow seasons it’s the perfect opportunity to increase your knowledge. There are many online small courses that you can do to help improve your skills or refresh your memory. So take this time to read through new blogs, do free online courses, watch some videos in your industry or read books.

Slow periods in business can be disheartening but use the time to write blog posts, create social media content, learn new software and start a mailing list or to just take some time out to breathe and self care. Take care of yourself and each other during this difficult time and remember to support fellow small businesses. If you would like more information or assistance in creating content please contact us and we can chat about what may help your business.

Jazmin and Caroline

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